About Ken

Registered Psychotherapist (RP)


Throughout his training and four years of clinical practice, Ken has come to appreciate and incorporate contemporary theories such as psychodynamics, object relations and existentialism while also recognizing the fluidity and varying ways of expression within the therapeutic space, and so holds a strong interest in mindfulness, CBT, body oriented therapy and the works of Carl Rogers.


Ken is a Psychodynamic/Integrative Registered Psychotherapist with the CRPO. He is a graduate of a four year clinical training in Psychodynamic/Integrative Psychotherapy from DBS Dublin earning a 1st class honours for his clinical case study.

Core values

At the core of his practice, Ken holds a strong belief in creating a warm, safe and engaging space where clients can gently lean into difficult and distressing issues in their lives with the hope of creating a healing space that generates positive change.


Having previously worked in a clinic built upon a social business model, Ken holds a strong belief in the accessibility of mental health services for everyone regardless of their financial situation. Rates are offered on a sliding scale; see the fees and policies page or schedule a free 50 minute consultation.

Coming to therapy

Sometimes feelings become unmanageable without help. Sometimes this help isn’t always easy to find or readily available. Many of us try to hide and mask these feelings—sometimes in healthy ways, sometimes not. The present situation may be confusing where we try to work out what the actual problem is, not knowing how to even begin to fix it. Sometimes we can just feel stuck.

Rather than seeing these feelings as burdens on oneself or others, I see these feelings as opportunities for growth and change. I believe that the therapy room should be a safe, warm and engaging space where clients can lean into the distressing issues they are experiencing and address their associated feelings. I believe in the availability of mental health services to all people.—please refer to my rates and policies page or book a free consultation.

I work with individual adults presenting with


caused by: end of relationship, loss of job, loss of abilities, major life change, death of friend, family member or pet

PTSD and trauma
Work-related issues
Low self-esteem
Self-care issues
Personal development

Ken Creegan

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Humanistic approach

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